Lectures & Recitations
Table of Contents
Date Week Lecture Recitation Materials More
27/2 1 Administration, a (soft) intro to blockchains and digital currencies, basic computational concepts, defining signatures. Collision resistant hashing lec1_slides, lec1_notes, rec1_notes
6/3 2 What security means: the case of digital signatures, one-time signatures, the random oracle model. Digital signatures lec2_notes, rec2_notes
13/3 3 Classical consensus: $1/3$-lower-bound, The Dolev-Strong protocol from digital signatures. More on consensus. lec3_notes, rec3_notes
20/3 4 Decentralized consensus. The Bitcoin protocol. More on proofs of work. lec4_slides, rec4_notes
27/3 5 Bitcoin: Mining, key management and storage costs. Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme and its verifiable version. lec5_slides, rec5_notes
3/4 6 Analysis of Nakamoto's consensus. Exercises on Mining lec6_notes, rec6_notes Pass and Shi
1/5 7 Alternative puzzles, proofs of space. Solving HW 1-2 lec7_slides
15/5 8 Proofs of stake and Algorand. Proof of sequential work (Pietrzak) lec8_slides, rec8_notes
22/5 9 Anonymity and zero knowledge proofs. Unique signatures. lec9_slides, lec9_notes, rec9_notes
29/5 10 Noninteractive zero knowledge. Zero knowledge and anonymity. lec10_notes, rec10_notes
5/6 11 Fast verification and PCPs. lec11_notes The history of PCPs
12/6 12 Smart Contracts and Ethereum. lec12_slides The dao attack code analysis, More on Ethereum
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